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  1. Hello to ‘The Hadstock’.
    I was a regular in the pub and have many fond memories of times in there with my family and village friends, I’m looking foward to supporting the pub when you open it. With very little action concerning the work needed on the pub I like many are starting to doubt that we are going to get our village pub open anytime soon.
    I think I speak for many when I say we just want to support this venture in any way we can, but without any action it seems very negative at present. Give us something to support and something to look foward to its January and the blues are playing.

    1. Hi Mick

      Sorry for the exceedingly late reply. It is actually a major project to get the pub back working, not just a lick of paint and some new carpet. (Current estimate £200k). There has been a lot of thinking going on as to the best option as to how to go about refurbishment. I don’t want to waste money so important to get it right. On closer inspection the building has been abused/neglected over the last few decades and so taking this opportunity to put it right. We are currently reducing the height of the patio at the back so that it is below internal floor level (found a well underneath it, which is great), the place needs total re-plumbing, has no insulation anywhere, we are seeking planning to switch toilets to be the kitchen and vice versa and lots of other things. Hope you got over the January blues.



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